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Men in blue: Pull up your socks

September 29, 2006

We might have lost in Malaysia but all is not over for Indian cricket. Our team is full of talented players and we need to device a strategy inorder to take full mileage from their capabilities.
Men in blue: Pull up your socks


An Interview on Uniform Civil Code

September 19, 2006

Dr Asghar Ali Engineer shares his views on the Uniform Civil Code. "I favour reforms and not the Uniform Civil Code"
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Blogs emerge as new information centres

September 15, 2006

Indian blogging has shown its remarkable reach through tragedies and social upheaval – from the reservation debate to the Kashmir earthquake to the Mumbai blasts.

But its real power first came to the fore perhaps after the tsunami when it really came into its own.

More and more citizens as eyewitnesses to news events are questioning, complimenting and challenging the fourth estate, the mainstream media.

Popular forum

On December 26, 2004, the day the deadly tsunami struck, photographs taken by people on the scene were MMSed and published on several blogs – alerting the world to the unfolding tragedy.

Speed is not the bloggers only virtue.

When fraud was detected in the All India Medical Entrance Exam conducted by AIIMS, Dr Chitra S was desperate for more information.

Since she did not find it in the media, she set up her own blog to put out the correct story and talk to other doctors.

“Even after constantly writing to suggestion and query boxes of all the TV channels, nobody really got the full story. So we thought blogging would be the other way of getting the full story,” said Chitra.

End of absolute power

South Korea’s, run largely by citizens’ accounts, is a huge success. It operates on a simple premise – have information, will write.

Now India also has its own It hopes people will blog about things they see. The content will be fact-checked by a team of editors.

“There is a big gap in society today in terms of news which is peoples news,” said Vipul Upadyaya, Founder,

However, the mainstream media cannot be written off just yet, as blogs too can be biased and motivated.

But as the famous science fiction novelist Arthur C Clarke says, blogs represent the end of absolute power enjoyed by press barons and gatekeeper editors.
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BlogCamp 2006 Review

September 14, 2006

Review of Day 1

The event started with lot of enthusiasm. And really had some good topics to look forward to. Atul Chitnis’ experience of how his blog post made Domino’s is open up a branch near the place he lives in Bangalore and Amit Agarwal’s coaching class on how to take blogging as a career drew quiet a bit of attention. Merinews’ banner of “who killed conventional media?” managed to get attention with reporters queing up soon after the stall was set up.  Scott’s story of an one eyed girl and how bloggers need to really ask a question against the conventional media created a perfect platform for merinews once again to prove their point that bloggers really need to be serious in their approach.

Review of Day 2

Sunil Gavaskar was the star attraction of the day. He is doing pod casting for the platinum sponsor of the event Yahoo and Yahoo managed to bring him in. But the entire show lasted only for 30 minutes. With his celebrity image and also being a good speaker that he is Gavaskar managed to be in the focus of all camera lenses. In the session he also promised to start a blog to teach people about cricket very soon.
Sadly enough, the show seemed to become stagnant as soon as Gavaskar left. The stage was taken by people who just wanted to promote themselves rather than delivering any concept. One photographer showed all his pictures, somebody from deccan chronicle read out a story out of his blog and one of the sponsor described what his company’s business is. The biggest blunder came from Nidhi of Web chutney who took to be the official blog of Apple.

We should be careful before investing in mutual fund

September 13, 2006

mutual fund

You can easily be cheated if you invest in MFs. Open your eyes, become smart and learn to be your own fund manager.Be more informed about MFs or else…

Vande Mataram: Translation by Aurobindo

September 12, 2006

The history and politics of Vande Mataram


Vande Mataram in painting

September 12, 2006

In recent controversy on Vande Mataram I would like to tell you about a book, rarest of his type. Bandemataram Album, this extremely rare and out of print book contains the full English Translation of Bandemataram song by Aurobindo Ghosh. This book also contains rare and beautiful paintings by K Tejendra Kumar Mitra illustrating some of the gloriously symbolic Sanskrit words in the Vande Mataram song.

Bande Mataram
Hail mother, I bow to thee!
Cover page of the book 1923.
Thy cause championed thy thirty crores of soul,
Twice thirty crores of arms to defend thee!
Nature supplies thee with all thy wants, 
With Sweet Water.
Shyamalam Saralam Susmitam Bhushitam
Dharaneem Bharaneem Mataram.
Ever happy and ever simple,
Ever bright and ever beatiful,
Thou our support, our nourishment,
I bow to thee!
Bedecked Thou are in flowery plants.
This is the front cover page of a nationalistic journal
called ?Vijaya? which was shifted from Chennai
to Pondicherry in 1909. This cover page appeared
in the August 1909 Issue of this Journal.