Vande Mataram in painting

In recent controversy on Vande Mataram I would like to tell you about a book, rarest of his type. Bandemataram Album, this extremely rare and out of print book contains the full English Translation of Bandemataram song by Aurobindo Ghosh. This book also contains rare and beautiful paintings by K Tejendra Kumar Mitra illustrating some of the gloriously symbolic Sanskrit words in the Vande Mataram song.

Bande Mataram
Hail mother, I bow to thee!
Cover page of the book 1923.
Thy cause championed thy thirty crores of soul,
Twice thirty crores of arms to defend thee!
Nature supplies thee with all thy wants, 
With Sweet Water.
Shyamalam Saralam Susmitam Bhushitam
Dharaneem Bharaneem Mataram.
Ever happy and ever simple,
Ever bright and ever beatiful,
Thou our support, our nourishment,
I bow to thee!
Bedecked Thou are in flowery plants.
This is the front cover page of a nationalistic journal
called ?Vijaya? which was shifted from Chennai
to Pondicherry in 1909. This cover page appeared
in the August 1909 Issue of this Journal.
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  1. Siri Says:

    Very nice 🙂

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