BlogCamp 2006 Review

Review of Day 1

The event started with lot of enthusiasm. And really had some good topics to look forward to. Atul Chitnis’ experience of how his blog post made Domino’s is open up a branch near the place he lives in Bangalore and Amit Agarwal’s coaching class on how to take blogging as a career drew quiet a bit of attention. Merinews’ banner of “who killed conventional media?” managed to get attention with reporters queing up soon after the stall was set up.  Scott’s story of an one eyed girl and how bloggers need to really ask a question against the conventional media created a perfect platform for merinews once again to prove their point that bloggers really need to be serious in their approach.

Review of Day 2

Sunil Gavaskar was the star attraction of the day. He is doing pod casting for the platinum sponsor of the event Yahoo and Yahoo managed to bring him in. But the entire show lasted only for 30 minutes. With his celebrity image and also being a good speaker that he is Gavaskar managed to be in the focus of all camera lenses. In the session he also promised to start a blog to teach people about cricket very soon.
Sadly enough, the show seemed to become stagnant as soon as Gavaskar left. The stage was taken by people who just wanted to promote themselves rather than delivering any concept. One photographer showed all his pictures, somebody from deccan chronicle read out a story out of his blog and one of the sponsor described what his company’s business is. The biggest blunder came from Nidhi of Web chutney who took to be the official blog of Apple.

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