I think… Therefore I blog!

Cogito ergo blog. Rene Descartes wouldn’t have imagined that his most famous tenet could be bastardised that far. For, blogging is not just the rage in cyberspace today, but the narcissistic recluse of many a cyber-junkie.

So, first of all, who are bloggers? Bloggers are independent writers, who, with their blogs, comment upon or write about anything and everything under the sun.
And a ‘blog’ could be closely defined as a daily dairy, which is online for the world to read, and to comment upon. And don’t forget the miracles of hyperlinking.

Blogging started off as a uber-geek practise of posting messages on internet forums. Those were the days when connectivity was the domain of a privileged few. The term ‘weblog’, long for ‘blog’, wasn’t even coined then.

The personalisation of online forums followed. Writers began recording their own thoughts in a private space. "Weblogging" had begun. The term ‘blogging’ however was coined only in 1999 by Peter Merholz. The Oxford Dictionary recognised it as a noun and a verb, only in 2003.

Now, back to "blogs as a narcissistic recluse". Basic blogging decorum requires you to write with a pseudonym. The pseudonym often allows you the freedom to speak out about something without the hassles of being recognised.

The Internet is anyhow a domain free of general censorship. This allows a blogger to sketch a description of the world, coloured by his own bias and prejudice. Like TeenQueen’s blog, "Confessions of The Teenaged Mind". The 18 year old blogs her angry rants against the world and its people.

"Or you can call it the absolute masturbation of thought", adds a blogger who goes by the name of ‘Alfredo’. "It brings intellectual and creative self-gratification. It’s for people who feel the compulsion to blurt out their deepest thoughts onto a paper and yet want people to read it", says Alfredo.

The uber-geeks started off by recording their arcane musings on HTML, PERL, CGI etc on their blogs. As the blogging rage caught on, more humanisation of content followed.

Poetry, philosophies, essays, viewpoints, all found an easy way to be communicated to the masses. Now blogging is a medium in its own. And its scary how it cuts down on broadcast and publishing costs.

Closer home, blogs are being publised in Hindi, Bengali, Malyalam, Tamil, Telegu and other local languages. The Hindi Blogging Ring, christened Hindi Chittha Jaalmudrika, is a fast growing community. A good directory of language websites would be indiebloggies.blogspot.com, which hands out awards in various categories to Indian bloggers.

Hardcore bloggers now have their own communities and meetings too. Delhi too has such a forum, Delhi Bloggers Meet, where the Delhi bloggerati hobnob. Visit delhiblogmeet.rediffblogs.com for more information.

And if you aren’t blogging already, hop on to the bandwagon soon. See you there… in the blogosphere!

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