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November 21, 2006
Dear friends

It’s a change of season and a change of scene. As winter brings in the soft, pleasing sun, is set to change its flavour and offer the myriad shades of life fused with the citizen’s voices on merinews. 

Now that you will be stepping out more often under the pleasing winter sun, you will see and discover things you would like to share with the others. Like always, you can write a piece on things that strike you or hold your attention or simply key in your experiences. Soon you will be able to submit your images online for the world to see.

Yes, you got it right — merinews is getting photo-enabled!

This means that from now on, any photograph — taken either from your digital camera or your cellphone — can be posted on merinews for fellow citizens to see and appreciate. Posting the photograph is just as easy as sending in your articles. If you are new to merinews, you only need to register, create a user Id and password to upload the images from the convenience of your desktop.

So go clicking this winter to capture and share the good, the bad and the ugly world around you!

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Pick of the Posts
Trial by media: Stop the menace
It’s becoming a pernicious media practice to blame the accused in a crime even before the judiciary’s ruling. To stop this, the courts would be right in issuing a gag order for cases that are sub-judice.
Amee Mumbaikar
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The Saddam trial: Liberation or judicial assassination?
The verdict on Sunday puts Saddam to the gallows. What the western world and power blocs show as liberation may be a well-planned judicial assasination.
Save both Tribals and Tigers
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The India Social Forum [NEW DELHI , 9-13 NOVEMBER 2006]

November 10, 2006

Action or Reaction?

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If we look for another world then to discuss the how part is really very important. I feel that our political leaders were blind folded while fighting for our rights during freedom movement. What we now see around us is more corruption and unorganized law & order than the British Era. Why freedom then? I would like to think about the injustices which took place every now n then in Ethiopia or Afghanistan … but it really do not make any sense to me to ignore the issues right underneath my nose … so let us priorities problems and our ways to fix them … if we agree to the fact that action speaks more than words than let us discuss what can be those actions …

We can write volumes on issues … and talk on length … does it going to help those who have no education? Does it going to feed hungry people? Does it going to bring subsiding farmers out of their debt trap? Does it going to help Jessica Lal to get her share of justice? Does it going to help unborn girls for whom world is getting unsafe everyday? Does it going to alarm those corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who are making fortune through fooling around? Does it going to establish peace among Maoist or insurgents? Does it going to keep Pepsi & Coca Cola out of market?

The list of issues will keep on growing , so the volumes. I myself have seen how effectively we used to discuss issues in our university campus … so many friends and teachers used to turn out in such meetings. And I’ve also seen people who make no sense and are real good in eating free pettish or bread pakoda along with chai. Still the same will keep on happening, unless until we seriously think of action against odd situations. Believe me, by talking we can’t make the world green.

So, I feel that it’s too much that I’ve written …so I may myself land up writing volumes like many of my able friends … I must get back to action with the hope that in future, we, thorough this community will discuss more on actions than the obvious reactions…

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Traditional Media: We Are Secular!

November 3, 2006

Why do not fake secular media and others take Afzal hanging on the same spirit? Is mercy for Afzal not for votes only? Sonia said to Delhi traders “We are with you”. To day who faces water cannons?

Anupam Kher’s Selfless fight for getting justice to Mattoo

Anupam Kher was sacked from censor board to blame that he is a swayamsevak of RSS. Communal Kher selflessly came forward in the move for getting jusice for Mattoo. Congress CM of J & K Gulam of Afzal with other two CMs, Congress, NCP, CPM and other parties leaders were weeping for Afzal.

Youth Congress leaders’ role

Two more cases similar to Mattoo case are in the media highlight. Tandoor Sharma former leader of Youth Congress got punishment from the court. A Delhi Police constable investigated what he suspected to be a fire and came across the manager trying to fuel the fire in the tandoor. Culprit said he was burning Congress flags and campaign material, but the constable, Nazim Kunju, found the burning body of Naina.

Another case related to Jesica Lal murder case is pending before the court. Manu Sharma accused, is the son of former minister and Congress leader Vinod Sharma. One of Manu’s aunts is a daughter of erstwhile President of India, Shankar Dayal Sharma.

To day we should decide this. To marrow will be late. Communal Anupam Kher uptill today does not meet the family member of Mattoo. He selflessly threw himself in the move of ‘Justice for Mattoo’. He has no intimacy with the Mattoo’s family. And what shoul we say to the leaders who seeks mervy for Afzal?

Why role of religion in the secular India?

Fake secular leaders and media human activists boldly initiated ‘Save Afzal’ Move with a selfish motto. They will also succeeded in their move and hanging of Afzal stayed.

Santosh Singh hanging will be the second example of same type crime after the hanging of Dhanjay Chatterjee. Why in secular country religious deffernciation between these two and Afzal? Why religious head counting is going on? Why security forces and the people are being divided on religion and caste basis?

Role of media in Santosh and Afzal

The role of the media and the public has been constructive in nailing the police and the judiciary to act in favour of truth and justice. Should the same not be in forcing the leaders to behave in the interest of the safety of the people and the nation?

Channels are asking every public figure about the role of media in the Mattoo case. Ashok Pandit of Bollywood who is the nearest to Matto family said the credit for the sentencing went "110 percent" to the media, which he said was responsible for highlighting the injustice done by the lower court. Do we need media to takeup each and every case and is it possible for media?? People may say the credit for the staying Afzal’s hanging went double of 110 % to the fake secular media and leaders.

Another family member rightly thanked "I thank the millions of people in Delhi, outside Delhi and also abroad who stood by us through e-mail and other forms of protest.". No doubt this type of awareness is necessary.

The statement should be welcomed. More than this awareness is also necessary against the terrorists. Are crimes of terrorists less brutal than the Santosh Singh and Dhanajay? We should ask ourselves what and who did for hanging or saving the Afzal. Definition of traitor and patriot, secular and communal can be got after getting the answer of this most important question. This is not the question of only a family but this is the question of whole nation.

Dhanjay Chatterjee & Santoslh Singh Vs Afzal

Government of India has apparently reserved article 72 for grant of mercy to terrorist such as parliament attacker Afzal and hardened criminals whose cases are pleaded by foreign powers. Foreign nationals, who were convicted in the famous Purulia arms drop case, were pardoned even though they did nothing to demonstrate remorse.

Similarly, in extradition proceedings from European countries (recent case being of Abu Salem and his associate Monica from Portugal) Government of India routinely gives undertakings that the President will use his powers under article 72. If Dhananjoy, during his stay at prison, had made or Santosh Singh makes friends with some cronies of Dawood, he could have affected a jailbreak and fled to Portugal. After his arrest in Portugal, Government of India would have guaranteed a pardon from the President and he could have returned without any fear of death penalty.

Prince of haryana Vs Factory of terrorism

Beforre two days I read news that army in more than 10 hours save a drunker who felled in the mud. It is good. Every human life should be saved. Saving of ‘Prince’ little of Haryana in the well was necessary but saving of thousands and thousands of innocent boys is also necessary who are being pushed in death well of terrorism. Pakistani army helicopters killed around 80 al Qeda suspected militants to day on Oct 30 in a dawn attack on a religious madarsa. It is being said that attack was made without giving prior warning and in the night which is against the Islam. Can secular India dare this? `Don’t execute him (Afzal) during the month of Ramzan,’ has been pleaded by Congress CM of J & K. On the days of Ramzan terrorists attacked on CRPF and innocent people to hide in a hotel of lal chowk Srinagar was a pious act.

Rarest of rare case

Earlier in the day, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Monday argued for death to Santosh Kumar. Additional Solicitor General A.K. Sinha said it was a "rarest of rare case" as the crime was committed in a diabolical and dastardly manner. Attack on Parliament was also a rarest of rate in the history of Democracy of the world. Judiciary did its job. But our fake secular media leaders could not take the Afzal’s crime seriously. They dishonor the brave security officers who sacrifice their lives to save even so called fake secular parliamentarians.

Fake secular leaders should think. What would be if these security jawans decide not to save them? Top to bottom, poor to rich, security force to leaders all should be devoted for the safety of each other and for the security of the country.

Judiciary Vs politicians

At present only judiciary is active all other three pillars of the democracy are affedted by the disease of selfish disease. On the matter of reservation mainly they want to go against the judiciary and the constitution only for seeking votes. But what are judges getting benefits by delivering historical decisions?

Decision a precedent, a deterrent

One family member of Mattoo described the decision as "a historic judgement" that would set "a precedent, a deterrent". Order of Supreme Court on Afzal hanging would be a precedent, a deterrent if the fake secular leaders who seek mercy for Afzal would be punished.

Daughter of Santosh and son of Afzal

Santosh Kumar’s counsel R.K. Naseem had sought life imprisonment, saying his conduct had been clean after the murder. He said Santosh Kumar was young and had a two-year-old daughter besides a mentally challenged elder brother to take care of.

Afzal Guru’s seven-year-old son Ghalib accompanied Guru’s wife Tabassum to Rashtrapati Bhawan, requesting clemency for him, told the President that his dream was to become a doctor and for that he needed his father around. ‘I cannot fulfil my dream if you hang my father’.

One should take Ghalib to meet the innocent orphan kids of Kashmiri Pandits, who are lying on the streets for that they needed their fathers around.Can the Seekers of pardon for Afzal bring back their father’s who were killed without reason by many Afzals?

No sorry by Afzal: Bin mange moti mile, mange mile naa bhikh

Santosh Kumar Singh was present outside the courtroom and broke down when he heard the verdict. His father J.P. Singh, a senior retired Delhi Police official, consoled him.

Afzal never even said sorry for the crime he committed. He smiled to hear the death penalty.

  1. Afzal did not write letter for mercy to the President Kalam.
  2. Without receiving letter from Afzal why mercy under consideration?
  3. On the basis of fake hearing why hanging stayed?
  4. Neither Afzal nor his wife accepts Kashmir as a part of India. Musharraf book contains Kashmir in Pakistan in his book: In the line of fire. Why book of Musharraf is being sold in India against the prevailing law?

Afzal is no threat but Santosh Singh is threat

"Keeping this in mind, we can say that he is a threat to society and, therefore, deserves the harshest punishment," the court ruled. "Even while in jail for three-and-a-half years, his good conduct has been appreciated by the jail authorities," Defence Council said. After getting bail also he kept himself under the law.

Verdict will send a strong message to those powerful people who consider themselves above the law. But mercy seekers for Afzal are above the law. They seek votes only and so called NGOs human activists want to act only for money even against the national interest.

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