Dear friends

It’s a change of season and a change of scene. As winter brings in the soft, pleasing sun, is set to change its flavour and offer the myriad shades of life fused with the citizen’s voices on merinews. 

Now that you will be stepping out more often under the pleasing winter sun, you will see and discover things you would like to share with the others. Like always, you can write a piece on things that strike you or hold your attention or simply key in your experiences. Soon you will be able to submit your images online for the world to see.

Yes, you got it right — merinews is getting photo-enabled!

This means that from now on, any photograph — taken either from your digital camera or your cellphone — can be posted on merinews for fellow citizens to see and appreciate. Posting the photograph is just as easy as sending in your articles. If you are new to merinews, you only need to register, create a user Id and password to upload the images from the convenience of your desktop.

So go clicking this winter to capture and share the good, the bad and the ugly world around you!

Team merinews

Pick of the Posts
Trial by media: Stop the menace
It’s becoming a pernicious media practice to blame the accused in a crime even before the judiciary’s ruling. To stop this, the courts would be right in issuing a gag order for cases that are sub-judice.
Amee Mumbaikar
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The Saddam trial: Liberation or judicial assassination?
The verdict on Sunday puts Saddam to the gallows. What the western world and power blocs show as liberation may be a well-planned judicial assasination.
Save both Tribals and Tigers
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