A Visa for Dr. Amte

I am no noble human reformer but when the papers reported that Dr. Prakash Amte, the fairly well known son of the legendary Baba Amte who works with his wife in the tribal communities of rural Gadricholi continuing the work of Baba Amte had been denied a visa to go to the USA, I felt deeply saddened for in that gesture, I felt that the entire charity sector of which I am a part was shamed. The message conveyed in that decision was that living and working for money is the only valid reason and way to live. The reason for denying a visa to Dr. Amte was that he belonged to the “socially weak” segment of society meaning that he was poor and the United States government suspected that both Dr Amte and his wife were going to the USA to butter their bread and stay on in the USA if they were allowed to land. A large mass of people who are part of this game are simply rich people wanting to be richer.
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One Comment on “A Visa for Dr. Amte”

  1. fbeats Says:

    i will wish for dr. amte

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