UP Polls have a message for India

It’s now a time to think beyond caste-based and vote bank-based politics, especially, at this time when people have voted for security, and law and order, which had completely deteriorated during the Samajwadi Party regime.
A section of Muslims concerned about their security and with an intent to keep the BJP away from power, voted for Mayawati. The 2007 UP elections have clearly shown that hardcore Hindutva even with covert media support is not going to help the BJP to win a majority. Abraham Lincoln’s definition of democracy that the government is of the people, for the people and by the people has to be referred to. Sadly now it has become a case of government off the people, far (from) the people and (to) buy the people.
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One Comment on “UP Polls have a message for India”

  1. fbeats Says:

    very bad political in u.p./good political know me.

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