Politics without Borders

Fujimori, two terms President of Peru who is under house arrest in Chile is contesting elections for a parliamentary seat in Japan. Borderless politics seems to have arrived in the world and maybe we Indians need to start adopting it in small doses.

The Congress split because a few who believed that Indian citizens of foreign origin should not occupy that post walked out to form the Nationalist Congress Party. Alberto Fujimori, two terms President of Peru with a not too particularly distinguished record and who is currently under house arrest in Chile will run for a seat in the Japanese Parliamentary elections due later this month. He actually speaks of returning to the presidency in Peru too. Kamei said he wanted Fujimori – who holds Japanese citizenship – to put "his knowledge, rich experience and reputation" to use in Japan.
A Japanese political party is prepared to welcome into their fold and offer a Parliamentary seat to someone who is not exactly a political elder statesman but is actually in disgrace and under house arrest in a third country. Fujimori said he had accepted the request to run for the People’s New Party in the upper house elections in a talk with party chief Shizuka Kamei.

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