Put agriculture in concurrent list to serve farmers

Although placing agriculture in the State list is actually a legacy of the Government of India Act, 1935 (as is water, entry No.17), it is obvious that leaving the States to their fate in agriculture would tantamount to inviting starvation and famines.
By placing agriculture in the Concurrent List, serving farmers and saving farming becomes a joint responsibility of the Centre and the States, i.e. a truly national endeavor in raising then morale, prestige and economic well being of our farm women and men." The last four were part-time members of the commission.
The main emphasis in this report is on farmers and not agriculture as such. Essentially farmer-friendly, the Commission says that there has to be a policy for farmers, instead of a policy for farming. The Commission recommended that prime farmland must be conserved for agriculture and should not be diverted for non-agricultural purposes and programs. It also made the suggestion that the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) should function like a National Bank for Farmers.
"Food imports are temporary measures and cannot lead to food- nutrition security," Dr. Swaminathan said. The NCF chairman also stressed the critical role of the mass media in creating a climate of confidence in
India’s agricultural capabilities.

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