Japanese earthquake as seen by YouTube Citizen journalism

YouTube’s Citizen journalism page, Citizentube, is "covering" this story, in that it has created a site that links to all the YouTube videos posted of the quake (at least those videos tagged with appropriate keywords).

I have sifted through the site and selected a few that capture how terrifying the experience is. I’ve had a taste of that in my life. I was in the San Francisco Bay Area during the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989, which was comparatively "only" a 7.1 magnitude quake but still managed to crash the Bay Bridge and the Embarcadero.

Here are some videos captured by the people there.

The earthquake captured live and a view of the damage in one Japanese home.


A Japanese news report that shows the Tsunami washing away cars down a city street.


Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people of Japan dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake and Tsunami.

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