Just three more games per team to clinch the World Cup trophy

ITS BEEN almost a month since the ICC cricket world cup 2011 kick started. The quarterfinals will start from March 23. The tickets are sold, the grounds are ready and hundreds of so-called cricket pundits are giving thousands of suggestions.

Everybody is ready for this exciting week and of course the teams will also be practicing to give their best performance. Now, the equation is clear. You win and your mission continues and if you lose you have to pack your bags. It’s just 3 more games and you become the champion! Just 3 more games! Every game is equally important.

The captains and the coaches will be busy thinking of which player to choose and which not to choose. Picking the ‘perfect eleven’ will be a tough thing to do. Every player is capable and talented but the question is, will he deliver his talent on that particular day? Captains can’t afford to make big mistakes at this stage so the team needs to be carefully picked.

In these important matches you tend to make mistakes as everyone is human but the winner will be the one who will make the least number of mistakes. Captains should learn from their earlier mistakes and should not repeat them. Ideally, six matches are enough for a team to experiment and know their capabilities and weakness. What has happened is history – so past records and numbers are not important – it is the 22-yard pitch and the 100 overs that will decide any team’s fate.

There were many close and thrilling matches in the league stage. In quarterfinals also we hope that we get to see some excitement and nail-biting finishes. The World-cup is all set to write new pages in history, are you ready to witness it?

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