Can Sri Lanka defeat England today to recreate the 1996 magic?

AFTER TWO big names and top contenders of World Cup 2011 viz Australia and South Africa were sent back from the tournament in two consecutive days, it’s time to find out who is going to be the fourth team to qualify for semifinals. Is it going to be everyone’s favorite Sri Lanka or England, which is yet to show its reall mettle in the world cup 2011.

In the fourth quarterfinals at the R. Premadasa stadium in Colombo, one-time champion Sri Lanka will take on England, who till date has never won the coveted cup. Going by past records, Sri Lanka’s performances in the league matches have been outstanding, which was followed by Australia and New Zealand.

England, on the other hand, has received much press and attention related to issues such as injuries, and a player opting out of the tournament due to depression.

Although they have played some exceptional cricket, losing to Bangladesh and Ireland was a dark patch for them in the tournament but their fight against India was truly commendable. Their win over South Africa was a stunner as at one time the Porteas were the clear favourites to win the match. With this fighting spirit England managed to make their way to quarter finals.

Fifteen years back in the same month of 1996, it was Sri Lanka against England in the quarter finals. In the match, not only did Sri Lanka defeat England but also ended up taking home the coveted trophy.

Now, at what is being looked at as another 1996 kind of encounter, the larger part of the responsibility falls on English shoulders if they want to avenge the 1996 loss.

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